Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Treatment With A Kent Chiropractor

Sciatica can start as a slight burning pain in your low back or buttocks but can become so inflamed that you feel pain all the way down your leg. It’s difficult to treat sciatic pain without getting to the root cause of the problem. At Jex Family Chiropractic in Kent, WA, we provide sciatica treatment to reduce irritation of your sciatic nerve and get your back into better alignment.

Why Sciatica Happens

Your sciatic nerve starts near the base of your spine, goes down the back of your thigh and then ends down near the top of your foot. Sciatica happens when your sciatic nerve becomes irritated. This can be caused by a bulging disk, vertebrae that are not in alignment, arthritis, or an injury to your low back. A chiropractor takes a careful look at your situation to determine what is causing your sciatica and what can be done to treat it.

Non-Invasive Sciatica Treatment

You can find some relief from sciatic nerve pain when you work with a Kent chiropractor. If the problem is caused by compression of your disk space, a chiropractor will use decompression strategies to make more room in your low back. When the sciatic nerve is no longer compressed, it will be able to calm down and go back to normal. If you have arthritis bumping against your sciatic nerve, this is going to be more difficult to treat without surgery.

Strategies For Sciatica Treatment

Your chiropractor will carefully assess your back to figure out what is causing your pain. Additional imaging may be required. Your chiropractor will use gentle manipulation strategies if your spine is not in alignment. You may be taught core strengthening exercises to reduce the strain on your sciatic nerve. Your chiropractor may also use traction, massage, and ultrasound to help reduce inflammation in the area.

Treatment For Sciatica Now

When you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, chiropractic care is a good first step. Contact Jex Family Chiropractic in Kent, WA at (253) 859-6441 and set up your first appointment. We will look at your back carefully to determine what is causing your pain in order to treat you.

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