Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain? Look at Your Smartphone and Computer posture

Many aspects of our daily lives are major contributors to upper back pain. From leaning over our smartphones, hunching while working on a computer at work, or even practicing poor posture on a long commute, little problems add-up over time. Jex Family Chiropractic is ready to help Kent and Renton, WA patients combat upper back problems. Using a patient-centric approach, Dr. Chirstopher Jex identifies the underlying reasons for your pain.

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

Many upper back problems, such as pain or tension, are the result of long-term behaviors. Good posture is key to avoiding upper back injury. Unfortunately, even if you practice good posture while walking, a day slumped over a computer or evening spent leaning over a cell phone can decondition your upper back muscles long-term. In addition to focusing on chiropractic care, we may also work with other healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, to strengthen your muscles and improve posture long-term.

Injuries to the Upper Back

While posture problems cause pain over time, other serious upper back problems can happen instantly. A traumatic injury, such as a car wreck or other accident, can also create serious pain.

A vertebral subluxation is one of the more common spinal injuries suffered in a high-velocity collision. A chiropractic exam and, when required, diagnostic imaging are used to examine the back. Your Kent and Renton, WA, chiropractor then focuses on patient care through chiropractic adjustments. These minimize pain and re-establish normal function in the upper back and shoulders. Our treatment includes a full health and wellness plan tailored to your needs.

Telegraphing Pain

The pain in your upper back can also be caused by problems elsewhere in the body. By seeking out root causes, Dr. Jex identifies if your pain is radiating out from the upper back or being caused by an injury elsewhere, such as the neck.

Start Fighting Your Pain Today

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